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The Sleepy Bear and the Golden Whispers

By T. Anne Mancuso

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About This Book:

This hardbound, full-color children's book brings to life the remarkable true story of a bear — inspired by God — saving the life of the Russian New Martyr, Metropolitan Peter of Krutitsy.
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The Saint Outside the Gate

By David R. Smith

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About This Book:

In a small town outside sixth century Antioch, teenaged Helena hears a sermon on suffering that shakes her soul, while outside events drive her from her family to the local monastery. In her flight, she encounters very real dangers and situations — murder, rape, coercion, and corruption — that our own youth find today. Helena takes refuge in monastic life.... until she cannot.
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2020 St. Innocent Liturgical Calendar

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About This Book:

This Liturgical calendar contains detailed instructions for all Sundays and major feasts throughout the year. Follows the format of the Jordanville Liturgical Calendar; Fr. John Whiteford, general editor.

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